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  • Mooney's Original Pet Ramp


    Mooney's Original - The Pet Ramp for Spine Safety

    THE Ramp for YOUR Pet!

    RamPet pet ramps are carefully hand-crafted out of solid pine wood and provide five adjustable height settings from 12 to 21 inches. RamPet ramps are made for your loving 4-legged friend to safely access furniture. The ramps are light weight, come with slip and scratch resistant rubber grips on the bottom and can be folded down to a low profile for storage.

    Using the RamPet ramps is one of the best ways to promote health & safety in your pet by preventing back injuries such as IVDD. One very important part of back injury prevention for your pet, is to avoid activities that can inflict trauma such as jumping on and off furniture. Each ramp comes with a list of training tips to ensure your pet will enjoy the new pet ramp.

    If you're looking for a high quality pet ramp and you want only the best for your pet, then choose RamPet!

    Dimensions and other details:
    Folded: Length: 30 in, Width: 11.25 in, Height: 3.5 in
    Extended Heights: 12 in, 15 in, 17.5 in, 19.5 in, 21 in
    Weight of Ramp: ~8lb
    Load tested at 70lb

    - Foldable - Adjustable - 5 Height Setting - Solid Wood - Handcrafted - Pet Ramp - Dog Ramp - Dachshund Approved :-) -