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Royal Canin Urinary UC Low Purine

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary UC Low Purine Dry Dog Food

Cystine stones (uroliths) occur when an inherited defect of the kidneys causes a build up of cystine in the dog’s urine. Cystine is an amino acid that is filtered and reabsorbed by the kidneys. The build up of this amino acid in the urine leads to the formation of cystine stones. Certain breeds are more affected than others by cystine urolithiasis. These include English Bulldogs, Newfoundlands, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and Mastiffs. Mixed breed dogs with the ancestry of these genetically susceptible breeds can also be affected.

Key Benefits

  • Low purine proteins combined with the production of alkaline urine help to reduce the risk of urate stones
  • Moderate quantities of high quality proteins and controlled methionine and cystine levels help to reduce the formation of cystine stones
  • Enhanced levels of linoleic acid, zinc, and biotin help to promote a healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Naturally preserved to ensure freshness and quality

Bag Weight: 17.6 Lbs