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The DRBC Foundation Groups

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The DRBC Foundation Groups

Not long after the founding of DRBC it became clear that many good homes needed a level of support that did not include rescue and rehoming.  The DRBC Foundation Group was established within the rescue in 1995 to help support families seeking compliance to a sound veterinary plan who would not otherwise be able to keep their beloved dachshund.  Renamed the Penelope Fund in 1997, this arm of the foundation has sought to educate dachshund owners and increase the compliance effort towards a 100% spay/neuter rate and continually works to achieve a similar goal with AMVA vaccination requirements.

Expansion of the foundation in 1997 to include the Homer Fund allowed our foundation to mirror the community effort of keeping loved and well cared for animals in their current home in spite of a critical injury or complex medical condition. Homer's Fund is pleased to support on-going research into many of the major medical problems effecting our breed today.

The DRBC Foundation is proud to support the efforts made by on behalf of the Homer and Penelope Funds.  This is truly a special arm of our rescue reaching out to help dachshunds in homes where a small form of assistance can make all the difference, where education about our breed and its sometimes unique needs is paramount and where the support of on-going research will help to improve the quality and quantity of years these beloved creatures spend with us.

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