Make Your Doxie's Dreams Come True!

Have you been blessed with a doxie, doxie mix or doxie wannabe in your life?  Are you frustrated by subscription services that send items that are too big, not sturdy or are unsafe for your little one?  Here at the Doxie Boutique we understand.  It happened to us as well.

Say hello to DoxBox.  The only subscription service delivering fun and safe products geared for small-sized breeds on a schedule you can count on!  Make today the day your pupper develops a new relationship with the mail carrier...order them a DoxBox and let the fun begin!

How DoxBox Works


Sign Up for your
DoxBox subscription!

This box is all about the fun!  Our team of doxie experts will select 3-4 special offerings for the pupper in your life.  Size appropriate, doxie tested and sure to be a hit with the furkid in your life.  

Our helpers will rush
your DoxBox right out!

Once your order is received our helpers get to work packing your box with care.  You will get an email with tracking information and then it is off to shipping for a speedy delivery for your fur family.

Your DoxBox arrives
and then the fun begins!

It won't take long before your pupper becomes best friends with your mail carrier as he or she awaits their subscription DoxBox.  Choose monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.  No bad selections here!

Our Guarantee

A great DoxBox makes for a happy pupper.  Not satisfied?  Reach out to us!  We are doxie people too so we want to help and offer a 100% guarantee on every box we ship.  Let's keep those tails wagging!

Your Piece of Mind

Some companies ask you to donate to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.  DoxBox profits are directly donated 100% to the care of rescue doxies.  You are making a difference!

DoxBox Is Special

We are excited to present 3 special offerings of the DoxBox!  Each is specially selected and prepared by our team of doxie lovers with you and your little one in mind.  We know you will love them!

DoxBox Classic

DoxBox Classic is aimed at the furkid in your life.  We specially hand-select 3 or 4 doxie appropriate toys or chews that have been pre-tested by our crack team of toy testers back here at the Boutique. 

Fun is guaranteed!

DoxBox & Me

Why should your doxie be the only one looking for something special when the delivery comes?  We agree.  DoxBox & Me will make sure you find an additional item designed to doxify human life along with the standard 3 or 4 toys or chews.  Everyone wins here!

Doxie Love Box

Are you without a doxie right now?  Well no need not to have some doxie gear delivered to make your life special.  Show that doxie pride with our special Doxie Love Box and treat yourself the way a doxie would....with love, of course!  Relationship with mail carrier optional.

Priced just right!

Even a doxie will tell you, all things have their price.  The great news here is that the more times DoxBox comes to your door, the greater your discount!  You can't beat that!

Our Dox-imonials

See  what all the cool kids think of our latest offering!
I got a chewy anchor in my DoxBox and it has kept me going for the last 3 mos.  So many fun items.  Wow, I love it!  I can hardly wait for my next delivery.

Linus Sebastian

Happy Dachshund
It used to be that when the mailman came I went nuts.  Then Mom signed me up for DoxBox.  Who knew how nice the mailman really is?  Please keep sending the box.


Mail Loving Doxie
Every now and then  you have to treat yourself to something special.  The Doxie Lover Box was the perfect item filled with items just for me!  Thanks DoxBox!

Helen G

Long Time Doxie Lover