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Zylkene Calming Supplement

Zylkene Calming Supplement

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Zylkene Calming Supplement

Zylkene can help improve quality of life for pets—and their owners!

30 Count Bottle, 75mg

Stress-related problems are common in dogs and cats, and a leading cause for in-clinic consultations. Stress affects pets:
• directly, through the behavior problems it creates;
• indirectly, through the physical conditions it can create or worsen.

• Zylkene decreases the signs of stress, including those associated with chronic stress and fear of noises (fireworks, thunderstorms, etc.).

• Zylkene helps reduce stress reactions in situations that require increased adaptation (travel, moving, adoption, grooming, meeting new people, etc.).

• Zylkene increases pets’ receptivity to behavior-modification training.

Key Benefits

  • Calming formula providing C3 Calming Complex, L-Theanine and Thiamine to support balanced behavior
  • Chicken liver flavor
  • Formula for small canines

Recommended for:

  • Changes to environment
  • Company or parties
  • Veterinary or grooming visits
  • Boarding or holidays
  • Boredom or separation anxiety
  • Moving or traveling
  • Fireworks and thunderstorms
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