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Paxon Urinary Chews

Paxon Urinary Chews

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Paxon Urinary Bite-Sized Dog Chews

PAXON concentrated cranberry extract is produced through a patented and unique selective extraction process which eliminates unwanted compounds, such as sugar and oxalic acid. Leaving only the ingredients which help support bladder health.

Paxon has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  When our volume depletes follow the link below to    continue supporting the urinary health of your furkid.

Ingredients in Paxon

Paxon contains concentrated cranberry extract.

Dosing guidelines for Paxon are based on the weight of the cat or dog: 
<10 lb / 5 kg: 1/2 tablet
10–25 lb / 5–11 kg: 1 tablet
25–40 lb / 11–18 kg: 1 1/2 tablets
40–55 lb / 18–25 kg: 2 tablets
55–70 lb / 25–32 kg: 2 1/2 tablets
70–100 lb / 32–45 kg: 3 tablets

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